Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clinic

Issaquah, WA


Surgical Laser

We…our family at Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clinic, Issaquah, WA…are very proud of our clinic which is different from many other small companion animal veterinary businesses. Our business model is based on the fundamental principles that should be the foundation of every health care business: provide excellent care—bar none, and always with unwavering compassion, kindness, respect and love for all patients. Our business mantra is "a heart of gold". In this we are consistent. Our clients know this…our patients also know this. Our reputation for exemplary care and compassion is responsible for our growing client base. We do not rely on commercial advertising to attract a certain demographic, nor do we engage in "specials" or discounts for goods and services for the same purpose. We like ourselves…and our clients like us…just the way we are.

While our approach to our clients and patients is special, we still offer basic as well as advanced veterinary services, including immunizations (dog and cat vaccinations), complete physical exams, microchips, routine and advanced diagnostics and therapeutics including pain management for our acutely and chronically sick patients, dental care, nutrition and behavioral counseling and the common (e.g. spay, neuter) and less common soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. More information about these is available on our Services page.

Overview of our practice

Surgical Laser

Some of the outstanding attributes that personify this practice are not just the tangibles, such as a great doctor and support staff, and state of the art equipment… We recognize, promote and support the underlying and strong connections you have to your animals and each animal has to you…the human-animal bond is a powerful force…we know that's really important!

The mindset at Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clinic is based on these underlying principles of conduct: kindness, respect, compassion and service; these we offer freely to you, as well as to your pet!

These tenets are the foundation of our approach to the business and pleasure of being your go-to veterinary service facility.

Our doctor and trained staff of veterinary professionals are united in their commitment to honor you with the service and care you expect.

We are also fortunate enough to offer you some advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options not universally available among veterinary clinics, such as direct digital radiography, an advanced surgical laser instrument and a class IV therapeutic laser treatment modality.

Our Promise